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The Talon Adapter

Adapter w/o Peg installed

Adapter w/Peg Extended

Adapter w/Peg Folded Back


Our Adapter is made of machined aircraft aluminum and then hard-anodized. It is shown here mounted to a Talon Eagle bracket on an R1150RT.  The passenger peg has been installed and is shown both extended and folded back.  It is designed to accept the passenger pegs from an RT, GS or very early models of the R or RS.  If your passenger pegs look like the one in the photo, they will probably work.  All you have to do is remove the pin and footpeg from the passenger position and reinstall it on our adapter.  It literally takes less than 5 minutes and it looks and works great!  Just as you'd want for your BMW.

Now, more about the footpegs.  There are two basic types of passenger footpegs for BMWs.  The type on the RT and GS are large with a ribbed, rubber cover.  This cover acts as a spring to hold pressure against the Adapter to hold it in place.  The other type of passenger footpeg is found on the RS and R models and is smaller and sportier looking.  That type of peg has an internal spring and ball system for keeping it in place that will not work on our adapter.  For those of you who ride those models, you can get a pair of the RT-type pegs from your dealer or pick up a used pair from places like,, You can also advertise for a used pair on BMW club forums or websites such as the BMW MOA (Motorcycle Owners of America) forum ( and can keep your passenger pegs in place.  Note: you may have to register to post a message on the BMW MOA forum.

The cost of the adapter is $65 for the pair and that includes a pair of stainless steel, button-head bolts that fit an 8mm Allen wrench.  If you would like an additional pair of the pins to hold the pegs to the adapters, we can supply them for another $10 (less than it will cost from your dealer).  Feel free to call if you have any questions or want more information.